Now Through The Season $89 Water Heater Flush

Have Your Water Heater Become More Efficient and Live Longer
Water Heater Flush For Residents Throughout Garner, NC and Surrounding Areas

Your water heater is constantly at work. Over time, your water heater collects and traps sediment.
This trapped sediment causes your water heater to preform harder, become less efficient and eventually causing repairs or even replacements.
Don't go without hot water this season! Call E.B. Plumbing and Remodeling today 919-215-4769 to learn more about getting your water heater flushed!
We provide plumbing and water heater service throughout Garner, NC and surrounding areas.

stainless steel tankless water heater installation outside on white brick in garner nc

Tankless or Tank - E.B Plumbing Will Install Your Water Heater Today!

We are the pros to rely on for all installations and/or water heater repairs in Garner, NC

Who wouldn't want a new water heater to run as efficiently as possible? Unfortunately, that's not likely to happen when you leave your water heater installation to an amateur. We install and repair both storage tank and tankless water heaters. Our seasoned crew at E.B. Plumbing and Remodeling, LLC will install your water heater properly, saving you time and money.

We'd be happy to give you a second opinion about your water heater. Should you need water heater repair instead of a replacement, we'll rely on years of experience to fix whatever's wrong with your equipment.

Call 919-215-4769 today to schedule your tankless water heater installation or repairs. We're based in Garner, NC and serve homeowners in Raleigh and Cary.

Emergency Water Heater Repair Or Installation in Garner, NC

Emergency Water Heater Repair Or Installation in Garner, NC

We are here to fix your water heater needs ASAP!

There are likely dozens of plumbers in the Garner, NC area-how do you know which one to pick? Here's what sets E.B. Plumbing and Remodeling apart from the competition:

  • Our lead plumber has over 10 years of water heater repair experience.
  • Our crew can install or repair any water heater brand.
  • Our owner oversees every job personally.

Contact E.B. Plumbing and Remodeling to get your water heater repaired or replaced in the Garner, NC area today!